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Vertical Blinds Dubai are a simple, budget-friendly solution for expansive or deformed windows. The collection of innovative designs is all quality tested. Professional measurement and fitting are also performed, so it fits perfectly even in difficult places. It’s the value you can measure. We offer a wealth of design and colour variations from neutral tones to texture patterns. Ideal for large windows and patio doors, the light can be controlled with easy operation. Vertical Blinds Dubai are a stylish and intelligent design.

The fabric of the vertical blind is all coated with a light-blocking lining to enhance the protective effect. It can block sunlight, reduce glare, protect furniture from UV rays and improve space privacy. Vertical Blinds Dubai comes in various colours and styles, from beautiful neutral tones to textured patterns to stunning natural colours. You will indeed find your favourite vertical blind.

Our Vertical Blinds Services Includes

The long slats vertical blind provide a wider height with more light when it opens and closes than the horizontal blind. Because the vertical blinds overlap side-by-side when opened, they create a fully exposed window to let the light through, and there is nothing to block the visibility.

Vertical Blinds Dubai

Blackout Vertical Blinds For Windows:

Vertical blinds can be made of light-blocking material, but because of the design of vertical blinds (made of individual belt-like material), they cannot be called light-blocking blinds. Vertical blinds in Dubai are not the best shading blinds. We know that a good night’s sleep is one of the essential elements in our health, so blocking as much as early morning sunlight can significantly impact the quality of sleep you and your family.

Our Blackout Sheer fabric is a beautiful, modern way to control the light that penetrates your room. It has an attractive neutral colour, with a textured and plain finish. In particular, it can be layered with other products such as Roman Blinds and curtains to provide the best shading effect for the bedroom.

Wooden Vertical Blinds:

Wooden Vertical Blinds, also known as Venetian blinds, are made from natural wood, faux wood, and other materials such as PVC and aluminium. They are a great way to add a natural look to your home, and the different fabrics make them suitable for just about any room in your humble abode.

Our Wooden Vertical Blinds services offer extensive benefits from increased light control and privacy to thermal properties that provide energy savings.

Vertical Blinds Dubai

Luxury Vertical Blinds Collection

Let us animate your home and create a better ambience for you and your family.

Motorized Vertical Blinds:

Most Motorized blinds and shades are driven by lithium batteries (usually AA batteries). Still, some are equipped with rechargeable motors and connected to an outlet with a USB cord when charging is required.

The life of a battery pack and a single charge of a rechargeable motor is almost the same. A single charge lasts about half to one year, but the exact life depends on the size of the shade and the frequency of use. We provide you best services for motorized vertical blinds.

White Vertical Blinds Dubai, UAE
Grey Vertical Blinds Dubai

Modern Vertical Blinds:

When you look at the interior, don’t you feel that it’s behind time? Does your house’s style discourage you? If you answer yes to one of these questions, you need a solution for peace of mind. We recommend a modern virtual blind for your home.

The modern style vertical blind has no other choice if you want to improve the look and feel of your house. It’s the best option you can find here at an affordable price.

The current vertical blind category is not just a decoration but also many modern-looking virtual blind designs and styles that are close to art. 

Curtains Over Vertical Blinds:

The curtains and the vertical blinds show off each other. Vertical blinds can give a rugged, industrial impression, and curtains provide a traditional, free appearance. However, curtain panels completely hide slats when you don’t use blinds to soften the overall appearance.

Our Vertical Blinds in Dubai also provides structure and practicality in curtain-covered windows. You can find anything that meets your needs, like brightness and privacy. If you have trouble selecting or installing your product, feel free to consult with us. Let The Curtains Dubai help you to choose the proper window treatment to make your house home.

Vertical Blinds Fabrics:

There is also a vertical fabric blind with an optional PVC single-sided channel panel insert lining for added durability and dimming. Fabric vertical blinds are less durable and cleaner than other products and are not suitable for harsh use.

The fabric is just one factor in choosing a vertical blind. The colour of the blind depends on the type of material. In some cases, you can also select the colour of the headrail, but not necessarily.

If you want to slide glass doors or large windows, it may be challenging to find a fit for traditional blind or other window treatments. The vertical blind is designed for this situation. 

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Cleaning And Installing Of Vertical Blinds Dubai

Those who have never cleaned the blind may not know what to start with? However, you can easily clean the blind by hiring our team.

To clean the blind, we first, remove the blind from the headrail. We can remove dust and dirt while the blinds are still attached, but can also remove dirt from the headrails. In addition, it may be easier to leave all the blinds in a bath or washing machine at once than to clean them one by one while the blinds are attached.

To eliminate dirt, we use a vacuum cleaner with a brush. Clean the vacuum cleaner brush from top to bottom and both sides of the blind until the dust and dust are completely out.

The number and location of required brackets are calculated for installing vertical blinds based on the dimensions measured in the number and location. We place the stand in the appropriate area, lightly mark the position of the screw hole with a pencil, and then place it. Drill to open the lower hole in the bracket. 

Make the blinds fully open or fully closed to see if the blind fits into the headrail. Also, twist the blades back and forth to see how the edges work.